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The Bio-Weapon is a Disease type in Plague Inc.

In-game descriptionEdit

Exceptionally lethal pathogan that kills everything it touches.

How to achieveEdit

The Bio-Weapon can be unlocked by completing Nano-Virus on Normal or Brutal.


The Bio-Weapon is a special plague that was accidentally released from a lab. It is mainly quite similar to other diseases; however, it will continiously get more lethal, making it more likely to kill your hosts before they can infect someone. You have to deactivate lethality genes by evolving special abilities.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • Gene Compresion 1-3: Increases time between Lethality increasing Mutations
  • Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 1-3: Reset Lethality to 0 for a few in-game days
  • Deactivate modified genes 1-3: Reduces Lethality
  • Unlock Armageddeon Gene: Absurdly increases Lethality and significantly increases Severity and Infectivity


  • Can win the game without purchasing a single Symptom, due to the Armageddon Gene adding over 100 Lethality points
  • Armageddon gene can be very useful if everyone is infected
  • Can exploit infinite DNA


  • Constantly becomes more and more Lethal
  • Generally difficult to win with, even on Casual
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