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Para mais informações, consulte Sintoma Combos no Plague Inc. Wiki .

Combos are minor disease bonuses or penalties, granted by having certain active Transmission, Symptom or Ability traits at once. Below is a list of confirmed Combos.

Standard CombosEdit

Oops symptom comboEdit

"Sneezing and diarrhoea are causing unwanted accidents, lowering productivity and drawing attention to [disease name]"

Diarrhoea, Sneezing.

-Slightly increases Infectivity

-Slightly increases Severity

-Slightly slows down Cure Research

Profuse bleeding symptom comboEdit

"Haemophilia and skin lesions are causing the infected to have blood pouring out of their skin, making [disease name] far more dangerous"

Haemophilia, Skin Lesions.

-Slightly increases Lethality

-Large increase in Infectivity -Even larger increase in Infectivity when paired with Blood 1 and 2 transmissions -Good to use with bio weapon And even other diseases


Projectile VomitingEdit

"Coughing and vomiting are causing the infected to projectile vomit, increasing the infectivity of [disease name]"

Coughing, Vomiting.

-Slightly increases Infectivity

Swine Flu symptom comboEdit

"[Disease name] has similar symptoms to Swine Flu. Doctors researching the cure are wasting time looking into cures for Swine Flu. Cure will take longer"

Symptoms: Coughing, Diarrhoea, Insomnia, Nausea, Pneumonia, Vomiting

Transmissions: Livestock 1, Livestock 2

-Slightly increases Cure Research required

Public Defecation symptom comboEdit

"Diarrhoea and insanity are causing the people to defecate in public (and everywhere else!) Everyone is increasingly focused on developing a cure"

Diarrhoea, and Insanity

-Slightly increases Infectivity

-Slightly speeds up Cure Research

Walking Dead symptom comboEdit

"Insomnia and anaemia are causing people to walk around grey with tiredness. Scientists working on the cure for [disease name] are less productive"

Anaemia, Insomnia.

-Slightly slows down Cure Research

Note: The Neurax Worm does not feature any Combos.

Necroa Virus CombosEdit

These Combos are exclusive to the Necroa Virus.

Vampire BatEdit

Symptoms: Vampiric Hunger

Transmission: Bat, Bat 2

-Slightly increaes Severity, Infectivity, and Lethality.


Symptoms: Anabolic Boost, Bone Dysplasia

-Slightly increases Severity

A reference to Left4Dead, along with the Spitter and Boomer.


Symptomes: Enhanced Sensory Integration, Naja Mortis

-Slightly increases Severity


Symptoms: Autothysis

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