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For more information, please see Symptom Combos on the Plague Inc. Wiki.

Combos are minor disease bonuses or penalties, granted by having certain active Transmission, Symptom or Ability traits at once. Below is a list of confirmed Combos.

Standard CombosEdit

Oops symptom comboEdit

"Sneezing and diarrhoea are causing unwanted accidents, lowering productivity and drawing attention to [disease name]"

Diarrhoea, Sneezing.

-Slightly increases Infectivity

-Slightly increases Severity

-Slightly slows down Cure Research

Profuse bleeding symptom comboEdit

"Haemophilia and skin lesions are causing the infected to have blood pouring out of their skin, making [disease name] far more dangerous"

Haemophilia, Skin Lesions.

-Slightly increases Lethality

-Large increase in Infectivity -Even larger increase in Infectivity when paired with Blood 1 and 2 transmissions -Good to use with bio weapon And even other diseases


Projectile VomitingEdit

"Coughing and vomiting are causing the infected to projectile vomit, increasing the infectivity of [disease name]"

Coughing, Vomiting.

-Slightly increases Infectivity

Swine Flu symptom comboEdit

"[Disease name] has similar symptoms to Swine Flu. Doctors researching the cure are wasting time looking into cures for Swine Flu. Cure will take longer"

Symptoms: Coughing, Diarrhoea, Insomnia, Nausea, Pneumonia, Vomiting

Transmissions: Livestock 1, Livestock 2

-Slightly increases Cure Research required

Public Defecation symptom comboEdit

"Diarrhoea and insanity are causing the people to defecate in public (and everywhere else!) Everyone is increasingly focused on developing a cure"

Diarrhoea, and Insanity

-Slightly increases Infectivity

-Slightly speeds up Cure Research

Walking Dead symptom comboEdit

"Insomnia and anaemia are causing people to walk around grey with tiredness. Scientists working on the cure for [disease name] are less productive"

Anaemia, Insomnia.

-Slightly slows down Cure Research

Note: The Neurax Worm does not feature any Combos.

Necroa Virus CombosEdit

These Combos are exclusive to the Necroa Virus.

Vampire BatEdit

Symptoms: Vampiric Hunger

Transmission: Bat, Bat 2

-Slightly increaes Severity, Infectivity, and Lethality.


Symptoms: Anabolic Boost, Bone Dysplasia

-Slightly increases Severity

A reference to Left4Dead, along with the Spitter and Boomer.


Symptomes: Enhanced Sensory Integration, Naja Mortis

-Slightly increases Severity


Symptoms: Autothysis

Abilities: Liquefactive Necrosis

-Slightly increases Severity

Cranial DispersionEdit

Symptoms: Cranial Elephantitis

Transmissions: Air 3

-Increases Severity

Walking ContradictionEdit

Symptoms: Photophobia, Cathameral Shift

-Slightly decreases Severity


Symptoms: Enhanced Motor Control

Abilities: Engorged Quadriceps

-Slightly increases Severity

Bath TimeEdit

Symptoms: Autophagia, Polyphagia, Cannibalism

-Increases infectivity

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