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The Nano-Virus is a Disease type in Plague Inc.

In-game descriptionEdit

Out of control, microscopic machine with a built-in kill switch

How to achieveEdit

The Nano-Virus can be achieved by completing Prion on Normal or Brutal.


The Nano-Virus is a microscopic robot with the abilitiy to replicate itself. It was accidentally released from a science lab, and now humans are trying to shut it down by broadcasting a "kill-code" that will deactivate the virus. You have to kill humanity before the code can be transmitted.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • Broadcast Interception 1-2: Hack most of the kill-switch in the virus, slowing future broadcast.
  • Kill-switch Interception 1-2: Start isolating the kill-switch, increasing time before the broadcast is effective.
  • Broadcast Overload: Nano-virus practically immune to the broadcast for a limited period.
  • Replicator Overload: Replicators overloads, significantly increasing infectivity for a limited period.
  • Drug Hardening: Nano-virus becomes immune against all modern medicine, drugs and vaccines - making the broadcast the only way to eradicate it.


  • Can become very difficult to "develop" a Cure
  • Can infect very quickly with the help of an Ability
  • Can evolve immunity to drugs
  • Lower evolution cost for Cure Damaging Symptoms
  • Has many ways to prevent/slow Cure Research speed
  • Can exploit unlimited DNA on Casual or Normal difficulty using the genes, like Fungus.


  • Global Cure Research starts at Maximum and remains throughout the game
  • Is generally quite hard to complete


Despite humans beginning to research a Cure as soon as the game begins, they will not be aware of the Nano-Virus spreading throughout the world unless its Severity is at least 3, or it has killed enough humans.

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